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Specific shampoo for greasy scalp and stressed hair formulated with Aloe Vera, Melissa Officinalis and Salvia Officinalis. Ultra gentle cleansing base without Siles, SLs, Parabens and Dyes. Gently cleanses the hair, helping to restore the natural pH of the scalp

Shampoo oily hair and frequent use


Your hair is greasy, greasy at the base and dried at the tips, sometimes emitting an unpleasant acid-based smell and tend to wash them very often. Our first suggestion is not to use a too aggressive shampoo, because it would stimulate the sebaceous glands even more with a worsening of the base oiliness and dryness to the ends of the hair. Try to make a balanced diet avoiding fatty foods, drink plenty of water at least 2 liters a day, and use Aquathermae Reset shampoo combined with Bi-Valent peeling. Reset shampoo has been formulated with a balanced and ultra-gentle cleansing base. Thanks to the presence of menthol it leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on the scalp. Natural fragrance with thermal muds.

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