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The Reset peeling cream is a balancing and purifying mask for greasy scalp and dry hair. Eliminates all impurities and dead cells on the skin while maintaining a balanced pH. How does it work? the peeling frees the scalp from impurities and excess sebum and moisturizes the hair leaving it silky and shiny.

Peeling for oily hair 250ml

SKU: 7t250

BURDOCK: Arctium lappa, or better and more commonly known as burdock root, is a biennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, well known for its many medicinal benefits. The use of burdock root for its medicinal purposes has been going on for centuries. Burdock was considered sacred to the "heavenly bear", Thor. Thor reigned in the summer storms. The burdock was placed on the pediments to protect them from lightning and giants. Burdock root helps to stop


flaky scalp and is excellent for conditioning dry / oily scalp. It also stimulates the growth of new hair and fights oily dandruff.


CENTELLA: a plant little known in the West but with multiple properties. Widespread in China, India, Oceania and in some regions of Africa such as Madagascar, it has been used for millennia for medicinal purposes. Legendarily also called "tiger grass" because it is said that these animals are rolled up to soothe the signs of combat. High concentrations of flavonoids, amino acids and sugars and a cosmetic formula for the treatment of wrinkles, hydrate,


restore elasticity, repair the skin barrier LAMINARIA: Laminaria digitata contains different types of sugars, proteins, amino acids and vitamins as well as minerals and trace elements. It makes good use of stored energy by stimulating the skin to normalize its functions. The algae regulates three fundamental functions of the skin: nourishing, protective and moisturizing. Restores the energy balance


in need of toxin accumulation. Accelerates biochemical reactions in cells and increases oxygen supply to the skin.

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