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Designed to promote the natural regrowth of thin and weak hair. The caffeine in the formula has been shown to stimulate hair growth by counteracting the effect of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, both involved in the genesis of androgenetic alopecia. Associated with caffeine, even the red vine with its antioxidant function helps to protect and delay aging of the hair. Unique of its kind, AQUATHERMAE ENERGY LOTION without alcohol is also used after the technical coloring service without causing any discomfort to the scalp. Dermatologically tested

Anti-fall spray lotion 100ml

SKU: 10T100
28,00 €Price

Both male and female hair undergo a series of changes during the natural life process due to the age, diet and lifestyle of the person. Our professional advice is to combine a healthy and correct diet, rich in proteins, vitamins and iron, the Aquathermae Energy lotion as an adjuvant against fragility and hair loss. Its constant use over time helps to supply the hair with the energy necessary to counteract opacity and fragility, favoring its natural regrowth.

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