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Specific treatment for sensitive scalp and stressed hair. Reduces redness, increases elasticity and hydration of dry and damaged hair. It is a light gel formulated with thermal water, aloe vera and guarana that is easily distributed on the skin and hair with a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Aloe gel protection for sensitive skin 200ml

SKU: 5T200
€14.00 Regular Price
€11.90Sale Price

Aloe Gel Defense is a fresh gel that provides moisture and balance to the sensitized scalp. If your hair is fragile and thin, you can use it as a beauty pack before shampooing. Keep it on for at least 10 minutes and then proceed with the specific Aquathermae shampoo. If your hair is big and dry, you can use it without rinsing before drying. It provides the right hydration to the hair without weighing it down, protects it from mechanical agents and makes it more compact. If you suffer from irritation to the scalp during and after dyeing, our advice is to use Aquathermae Aloe Gel Defense on the scalp before applying the coloring cream. Helps protect and maintain the lipid film of the scalp during the dyeing time. Repeat the application of Aloe Gel Defense directly on the scalp after shampooing. You can also not rinse.

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