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Adds shine and body for a beach look, leaving a fresh scent of sea breeze in your hair. Use it whenever you want to refresh or add some volume, texture and shine. Moisturizing and natural calming of stressed scalp.

volumizing thermal water 200ml

SKU: 1SEA150

If your hair is volumeless, opaque and you usually don't use products that can weigh it down, then you are the right person for Aquathermae Sea Effect. Our advice is to use Sea Effect every time you shampoo it, apply it from the base to the lengths of your hair, massage it with your hands and proceed with the fold. Don't forget to use a shampoo with a gentle cleansing base without silicones. We recommend Aquathermae Reset shampoo for oily, sensitive and frequent use.



If you want wavy hair, apply Aquathermae Sea Effect to 80% washed and dried hair. Spray Sea Effect on your hair many times until it is wet again. In your hair you will see waves forming. Proceed with the blow dryer and diffuser. Remember that wavy or curly hair should never be combed.

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