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The silk amino acids used in the Aquathermae Hydra shampoo have a lower molecular weight compared to hydrolyzed silk proteins because they suffer a greater degree of hydrolysis. Thanks to this characteristic, they are very penetrating and moisturizing. Silk is taken from the cocoon of the silkworm moth (Bombyx mori). After the silk thread has been isolated and freed from the cocoon, the fibers are cleaned and treated. Our Aquathermae Hydra shampoo has a high concentration of amino acids, offering greater benefits than ever! The amino acids used are highly hygroscopic and have an excellent ability to bind moisture. For the hair, this translates into greater flexibility and maneuverability, leaving a soft and natural appearance. Meanwhile, hydrated hair is more elastic and looks smoother.

Kit Hydra - anti-frizz nutrition

SKU: kithydra
€74.60 Regular Price
€63.41Sale Price
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